I'm the right DJ
for your any

For any occasion, be it family moments or formal event, I would gladly assist you in creating the perfect music atmosphere with traditional music from the homeland or with any rhythm proper for the day. With a wide and diverse range of music, your event will be full of joy as one of your best memories.

My story

Born and raised in New Jersey, I've always had a strong passion for Albanian music. My first days of dj-ing go back to 1999 (remember Y2K?) and have continued ever since. I've had a strong partnership with Radio Emigranti since it's inception in 2006 and continue my freelance work there as a producer, Dj, and radio host.

Musical Influence

I have my grandparents and parents to thank for this. Since a child, listening to anything Albanian in the USA was a priveledge and honor. Over the years, I've realized that music brings us all together...even Albanians, who for years have been divided in one way or another. So let's all just dance and have a good time, life is too short! :)

My latest mixes



MC-ing Anisa’s Party introducing famous artists from Albania - Sinan Hoxha, Artjola Toska, & Julian Mustafa